Dunlop has rolled into our 21st year as the Official Control tyre of the Repco Supercars Championship with a striking new tyre. 

The new Dunlop SP Sport Maxx SuperSoft control tyre made its first appearance at in 2022 with striking blue branding. 

The SuperSoft compound is designed to spice up the racing action as they provide improved grip on rough track surfaces but are deliberately designed to wear after about 60kms. Supercar drivers have commented favourably about the handling characteristics of the SP Sport Maxx SuperSofts. 

We have already seen some exciting racing as team strategists roll the dice on which stage of the race they “bolt on” the SuperSofts. Starting with the SuperSofts gives them early speed, while deciding to put the SuperSofts on for the 2nd stint allows those drivers to fly home. 

Another reason why Supercars still Stick with Dunlop 21 years on.