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The Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response has been expertly designed with comfort, quiet and control in mind, providing an incredibly intuitive and controlled driving experience for passenger vehicles. It is highly durable, boasts excellent handling and superior grip, and performs well on slick roads and in wet conditions. With block sipes on its inner and outer shoulders, the SP Sport Fast Response is able to adjust and optimise stiffness to immeasurably improve ride comfort. Its additional sipes are what allow this passenger tyre to function so efficiently in wet weather, by helping provide aquaplaning resistance. These sipes also help to reduce tread wear, contributing to greater longevity and lower noise levels to ensure a quieter ride.

The SP Sport Fast Response features continuous centre ribs, which help to steer the vehicle in a straight line and create greater stability when accelerating and travelling at higher speeds. This results in an overall smoother ride. The larger and stiffer outside tread blocks on the SP Sport Fast Response also offer significant benefits. Drivers will find they can corner more precisely and with greater control, and that their vehicle responds more quickly and accurately after abrupt steering manoeuvers. Meanwhile, this tyre’s silica tread compound creates superior adhesion and rolling resistance, making braking much easier in rainy conditions.

Last but not least, the SP Sport Fast Response’s Touch Technology unites a number of powerful features to ensure optimal performance on both wet and dry roads. Multi radius technology, an asymmetric design, a specific bead seat system, and a flatter tread profile all work to improve the Dunlop SP Sport Fast Response’s handling and steering precision.

Where Can I Get More Info On SP SPORT FAST RESPONSE Tyres?

Do you want additional information about our Dunlop tyres or SP SPORT FAST RESPONSE tyres specifically? Contact us by calling 1800 809 514 or call your local Beaurepaires store at 13 23 81.