Goodyear celebrates 120 years of innovation

It was a different world in 1898. Much has changed since then, including how we transport people and products around the globe. Recognised worldwide as an industrial icon, Goodyear has grown its premium tyre brand reputation by playing a major role in key moments of human history and life since its founding in 1898. As a pioneer in the tyre industry Goodyear is proud to look back on its 120-year history of groundbreaking achievements and products, while continuing to innovate to help propel the next revolution in mobility.

A few of Goodyear’s many achievements over its 120-year history include:

  • In 1909 Goodyear helps to enable aviation, replacing sleds on airplanes with custom tyres
  • In 1971 Goodyear makes the first tyre to land on the moon
  • In 1983 Goodyear produces the first radial tyres approved for commercial aircraft
  • In 1998 Goodyear becomes the only tyre brand to win 368 F1 Grand Prix races
  • In 2017 Goodyear uses a soybean oil-based rubber compound in tyres
  • In 2017 Goodyear invents the concept tyres of the future: the Eagle-360 Urban and the Intelligrip Urban

Beaurepaires and Goodyear are looking forward to another 120 years of leading the industry and bringing innovative new technologies to the automotive industry of Australia.

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