Safe Driving

Dunlop has a firm commitment to the promotion of safe and responsible driving. These driving tips will help you learn more about about road, tyre and general driving safety.

Don't become an aggressive driver.

Yelling, honking the horn, slamming on the brakes in front of a tailgater, passing on the road shoulder, speeding, improper gestures... All of these can quickly create a dangerous situation. Be aware of the real danger, and keep your temper in check. Don't drive when angry, over-tired or upset. Avoid conflict, even if you are right. Allow extra time and avoid congestion whenever possible.

Stay Alert

Be rested, calm and not under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Avoid distracting activities like eating or engaging in conversations with passengers.

Defensive Driving

Use your imagination. Always be ready to react to the other drivers, in case they don't do what they should – or what you think they should. If you cannot avoid a crash, try to choose the least dangerous option. For example, you often have more chance of surviving running off the road than hitting another vehicle head-on.

Slow Down

Going too slow can be hazardous, but whenever you find yourself in difficult conditions like fog, rain, snow or glare, reduce your speed. Don't rush or lose patience.

Pay attention to the different seasonal driving conditions

You must prepare your car and tyres well in advance for Winter, but also for the other seasons. Fog, excessive rainfall, snow and ice, and glare and heat all bring specific kinds of adjustments and maintenance.

Conciusly work on acquiring the right level of awareness and attitude

A simple trick to increase awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses is to do a "running commentary" once, out loud, as you drive. This will give you a more complete picture of everything that is happening. You may notice new factors that can affect your safety. And lastly, it may improve your self-knowledge, making you aware of potential weak points and dangers, like lack of concentration or mistakes in anticipating behavior of other drivers.

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