The Dunlop Econodrive has been engineered to reduce the cost of ownership through extended treadlife and via improved rolling resistance which can lead to enhanced fuel economy. Designed to meet the needs of fleet and commercial customers alike, the Dunlop Econodrive also features stiffer sidewalls to resist curb-side damage as well as a tread pattern designed for enhanced wet performance.

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  • Even footprint pressure distribution
  • Carbon blend compound
  • Silica blend compound and enhanced carcass design
  • Open shoulder and transverse grooves
  • Stiff sidewall construction


  • Provides more even wear over the life of the tyre to deliver extended mileage performance
  • Helps stiffen the tread for enhanced mileage
  • Improves rolling resistance and reduces heat generation which can lead to improved fuel efficiency
  • Delivers enhanced water evacuation for improved wet performance and braking
  • Helps resist curb-side damage

Available Sizes

  • 185R14 Econodrive 102/100R
  • 195R14 Econodrive 106/104S

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