Dunlop's drive tyre for pick up and delivery service, designed to suit today's demanding metro delivery and regional haul service requirements.. The multi-pitch tread pattern design with advanced tread block sequencing reduces tyre noise frequency peaks for a quiet ride.

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  • Tread Pattern: Five rib tread block design with tie-barred shoulders
  • Tread Pattern: Multi-pitch tread design and advanced tread block sequencing
  • Tread Compound: Dedicated tread compound


  • Excellent balance between pattern stiffness and traction. Also aids even load distribution, resistance to irregular wear and better real axle stability.
  • Reduces tyre noise frequency peaks for a quiet ride.
  • For excellent mileage when subjected to the conditions encountered in typical regional haul and metro delivery operations.

Available Sizes

  • 235/75R17.5
  • 9.5R17.5

Dunlop Sport Maxx RT


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