Excellent high speed and cornering stability.Increased mileage and rider comfort. High levels of wet weather performance. Factory fitment on BMW trail models.

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  • Large, stable contact patch well suited to highway riding
  • Well placed deep tread grooves drain water efficiently
  • Chosen by BMW for fitment to their large capacity trail bikes


  • Reduces tread squirm and enhances both cornering power and mileage
  • Enhanced wet weather ability promotes confidence in all conditions
  • Meets or exceeds the stringent criteria set down by BMW's own engineers.

Available Sizes

  • 100/90-19 57H D607F TL
  • 100/90-19 TR91 TRAILMAX 57H
  • 110/80R19 59V D607F TL
  • 110/80R19 59V TR91 TRAILMAX TL
  • 110/80R19 TR91 TRAILMAX 59V
  • 110/90X19 MX11 GEOMAX SAND/MUD
  • 120/90-18 GEOMAX ENDURO (FIM)
  • 120/90-18 TRAILMAX 69H
  • 130/80R17 65H D607 TL
  • 130/80R17 TR91 TRAILMAX 65H
  • 140/80-17 TRAILMAX 69H
  • 140/80-18 GEOMAX ENDURO
  • 140/80R17 69H D607 TL
  • 140/80R17 TR91 TRAILMAX 69H
  • 150/70R17 69V D607G TL
  • 150/70R17 TR91 TRAILMAX 69V
  • 90/90-21 54H D607F TL
  • 90/90-21 54H TR91 TRAILMAX TL
  • 90/90-21 GEOMAX ENDURO (FIM)
  • 90/90-21 TR91 TRAILMAX 54H

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