Utilises latest race compounding and large tread blocks for better cornering stability and adhesion . Modern belted construction lifts performance envelope.Targetted at the serious classic racing rider but equally at home on the street to provide that extra grip "insurance" for your valuable classic motorcycle.18ins sizes mainly,with two 17" sizes for 80cc junior road racing.

TT900GP Image


  • Incorporates latest racetrack compounding
  • Large tread blocks
  • Belted rear construction


  • Provides serious classic racers with high levels of grip
  • Better stability at full lean and greater adhesion
  • Optimises contact patch and stabilises

Available Sizes

  • 100/80-17 52S TL TT900 GP
  • 100/90-18 56H TT900FGP TL
  • 100/90-18 56H TT900GP
  • 120/80-17 61S TT900GP TL
  • 140/70-18MC 67H TT900GP TL
  • 90/80-17 46S TL TT900F GP
  • 90/90-18 51H TT900GP

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