Dunlop slick racing tyres are offered in a wide range of sizes and several compound options,specifically tailored to the applications to which they are intended . Professional advice should be sought from your state Dunlop motorsport distributor regarding particular individual needs For your local Motorsport and Kart Distributor please click here.



  • Non road legal tyres designed for dry conditions only


  • Ultimate performance in dry conditions on closed circuit events

Available Sizes

  • 185/580R15 T/LSLICK RAC JPN
  • 190/505R13 SLICK SS12
  • 190/570R15 SLICK D11
  • 190/600R16 D11 TL
  • 200/580R15 SLICK RADICAL
  • 200/580R15 SLICK UK
  • 200/580R16 SLICK UK
  • 205/600R16 D11 SLICK
  • 205/620R17 894 SLICK
  • 210//620R17 SLICK UK RADIAL
  • 210/650R19 TL SLICK UK
  • 215/525R13 D12
  • 215/625R17 SLICK
  • 220/565R15 SLICK
  • 220/600R13 SS12 SLICK
  • 220/600R16 SLICK D11
  • 225/585R15 D11
  • 230/640R18 D31 SLICK
  • 235/45R17 TL FM-R SLICK
  • 235/610R17 C68D 823 UK
  • 240/525R13 SS12 SLICK
  • 240/625R17 L SLICK
  • 250/550R13 SLICK D12
  • 250/570R13 SLICK SS12
  • 250/585 R15 D11
  • 250/585R15 D12
  • 250/640R18 D16 SLICK
  • 250/640R18 D31 SLICK
  • 260/655R18 D31 SLICK
  • 260/655R18 SLICK D21
  • 265/525R13 SLICK D12
  • 265/590R16 SLICK
  • 265/605R16 SLICK RADICAL
  • 265/625R17 SLICK
  • 265/630R16 TL RADIAL SLICK DUN
  • 275/585R15 D11
  • 280/655R18 SLICK D21
  • 280/680R17 D10 SLICK
  • 280/680R17 D11 SLK
  • 280/680R17 V8 SOFT SLICK NST
  • 280/680R17 V8 SOFT SLICK ST
  • 290/625R16 SLICK
  • 290/675R18 D31 SLICK
  • 290/675R18 SLICK D21
  • 300/640R17 SLICK RAC
  • 300/660R18 SLICK UK
  • 310/620R13 SS12 SLICK
  • 310/650R16 SLICK RAC
  • 325/700R16 SLICK RAC
  • 330/680R18 D31 SLICK
  • 330/710R18 SLICK D31

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