Dunlop Due For Double Duty As Supercars And Superbikes Join Forces

06 September 2010

Dunlop tyres will play a leading role in the upcoming race meet at Phillip Island next month (September 10-12), with both the V8 Supercars and Australian Superbikes competing at the same event.

Dunlop will be a common theme over the weekend as sole provider of control tyres to both the V8 Supercar Championship Series and the Australian Superbike Series.

Thanks to this year's racing calendars matching, both of these leading Series are able to compete on the same weekend, with the Superbikes racing on the undercard to the V8's L&H 500 endurance race.

Ken Wieden, Dunlop Motorsport & Motorcycle Manager, said that this event is a wonderful testament to the quality and reliability of the product.

"To have our tyres in use on both these high performance vehicles at such a landmark event is a great showcase for us," Mr Wieden said.

"Having been supplying the control tyre for "The Greatest Show On Wheels", the V8 Supercar Championship Series, since 2002, we feel that we are truly part of the motorsport landscape in Australia.

"Dunlop was also named as the official control tyre this year for the leading two wheeled category of racing in the country, the Australian Superbike Championship, after dominating the Series for a number of years.

"This is really going to be a fantastic event for Dunlop, having our tyres play such a significant role with both the cars and bikes competing over the same weekend."

Mr Wieden said that a reason for Dunlop's success and popularity is their excellence in analysing track, tyre and vehicle data to improve tyre performance and deliver and exceed expectations, which is emphasised on a circuit such as Phillip Island, particularly for motorcycles.

"The Phillip Island circuit is one of the most demanding circuits in the world on motorcycle tyres as most of the time the bike is on the left hand side of the tyre and also at high speed," Mr Wieden said.

"Enormous strain is put on these tyres because of the extreme heat build up in turns 11 and 12. The bikes are reaching almost 225 kph through turn 12 at near to full power so the rear tyres are sometimes reaching over 170 degrees celsius in this part of the circuit."

Kevin Fitzsimons, Dunlop V8 Supercar Operations Manager, also commented on the challenges the circuit places on the tyres of the four wheeled V8 Supercars.

"The Philip Island circuit places a huge amount of lateral loading on the tyres of the V8 Supercars with the many fast and flowing corners throughout," Mr Fitzsimons said.

"Only about 30% of the circuit is a straight, which means that 70% of the time the vehicles will be loading the front tyres during the lap. This makes it extremely hard on the front of the car, including the tyres, so car setup critical in producing quick times."

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