Road-Going 2011 KTM Superbike Running Dunlop SportSmart As Original Equipment

16 May 2011

Innovative design by Dunlop engineers has revolutionised the hypersports tyre market, and the tyre responsible for the revolution is the SportSmart. So impressive is the new tyre that was launched in Australia in January this year, superbike manufacturer KTM have specified the SportSmart as original equipment for the road-going version of their 2011 model RC8R.

The RC8R runs a revised twin-cylinder engine, delivering the impressive 175 bhp and 127 Nm of torque. The finely honed injection system helps the 185 kg bike to control the enormous power. Other improvements to the bike include lower fuel consumption and emissions, improved gear shift linkage, new LED daytime running lights, a high gloss paint job and finally, the latest in hypersports tyre technology, the Dunlop SportSmart tyres.

SportSmart's pioneering Multi-Tread (MT) technology, developed through years of racing success at the highest levels, provides a tough central traction compound for straight-line stability, traction, braking and longer tread life, while its unique NTEC pressure-adjust system allows track day enthusiasts to optimise the tyre's performance by adjusting inflation pressure on circuit.

The result is a tyre that combines race-quality grip, wet-roads predictability and great touring mileage. In 2010, the globally-respected independent testing agency DEKRA put leading hypersports tyres through a gruelling test. DEKRA's results showed that a Suzuki GSX-R1000 rider would need just 3.64 Dunlop SportSmart tyres to cover 10,000 kilometres, the lowest figure of the tyres tested which included the Michelin Pure Power, Pirelli Diablo Rosso and the Bridgestone Battlax BT016 – and less than half the number of the Bridgestone tyres (7.88) needed for the same 10,000km test.

The SportSmart has also won an array of awards, accolades and praise from the industry specialists around the world including the UK's Motorcycle News and Germany's Motorrad magazine both made SportSmart their 2010 Tyre of the Year, as well as KTM selecting it as the original equipment tyre for its race-winning 1195cc RC8R streetbike. "There's no other tyre on the market that can offer such diverse performance," said Fast Bikes. "It could become the only tyre you'll ever need."

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